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Holbrook Family Revolutionary War Service
There are at least four (4) ancestors on the Holbrook side of my family who served in the Revolutionary War (they all can be found in the DAR Patriot Lookup Service). Though they are not Holbrooks per say, I count them as such because they are on my paternal grandmother's side of the family. If you have any additional information on these individuals, please let me know at genealogy@wallsfamily.com. Everything I know about them are currently posted in the Holbrook On-Line Family Tree.

James Albee
Was an officer. Not pentioned.

James Albee Jr.
Not pentioned.

Charles Scott
Charles Scott, a soldier in the Revolution, was a private in Major General Sullivan's Life Guard., Rhode Island Militia, was wounded in the hip in a battle with the British in Rhode Island Aug. 29, 1778 which renders the hip joint stiff, and has drawn the joint up in such a manner as to shorten the right leg about five inches, which renders it difficult for him to travel, the ball remaining in the hip or thigh, which has occasioned the wound to break out several times, per certificate from Dr. John Gould and Capt. Aaron Mann, who commanded the guard. Charles Scott was at this time about 20 years of age. Being disabled, he was honorably discharged from service March 16, 1779.

Charles, and his widow Amey, was granted a pension. I have a copy of his pension file.

Ancestor used by E. C Holbrook to obtain membership in the SAR. This is the same ancestor that I am using also.

Elisha Hale
Hale, Elisha, Douglas. Private, Capt. Benjamin Wallis's (Douglas) co. of Minute-men, Col. Arnold's regt., which marched on the alarm of April 19, 1775; service, 11 days; roll dated Roxbury Camp; also, Capt. Isaac Martin's co., Col. Ezra Wood's regt.; service, 1 mo. 15 days; company marched to Rhode Island under command of Lieut. Col. Nathan Tyler on the alarm of Dec. 8, 1776; also, Capt. Job Knap's co., Col. Nathan Tyler's regt.; enlisted Aug. 4, 1780; discharged Aug. 7, 1780; service, 6 days, including 3 days travel home; company marched to Tiverton, R. I., on the alarm of July 27, 1780.

Not pentioned.

Ancestor used by Maud Holbrook to obtain memberhsip in the DAR.