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Statement of Privacy
If desired, I will remove you from my listings. This will be done as soon as possible, but considering that I maintain this site in my free time (which it seems I have less and less of) it might not happen right away. I should have it done within 30 days, however, of receiving a request. Simply e-mail me (genealogy@wallsfamily.com) specifying your name. Before you do, please be aware of the following:
  1. This is only done with the best intentions. I honestly do not feel anyone is in any "danger" due to the information found in these pages. Quite the contrary! I feel that all of us listed in these pages have the opportunity to realize how spread out and diverse our family actually is. We have the opportunity to find out about Great Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles we never knew we had. Typically most people do not know their family history past thier grandparents, where they came from, or why they have some of the "family" traditions they do. We have the opportunity to share our knowledge of our parents, grand parents, and great grand parents to learn things about us and our family that we may not have otherwise known. I am very grateful to those who have embraced this with me and I am truly sad for those who cannot see past the ends of thier noses.
  2. Your Social Security Number, Address, and Phone Numbers are NOT posted here. Let me repeat that. Your Social Security Number, Address, and Phone Numbers are NOT posted here. If you want, I'll show you where they are posted on the 'Net, but you will not find them here. I do, however, have this information for some individuals in my database.
  3. Information that you may find listed here: Birth Names, Parents, Grandparents (maybe more if you follow the chain), birth date and place, death date and place, burial date and place, occupation (no, not "She's a teacher at Springfield Elementary at 123 Maple Street, Anytown USA, but "Educator", or "Computer Programmer"), marital status, spouse, and kids. We can discuss any of this. Refer to point 2 for what is not listed here.
  4. No, I will not remove Maiden names. Lets think about that one. If I remove every female's birth surname, that limits anyone searching my site to males only. Another way to think about this is that typically genealogists search for the name found on the birth certificate. Why? Bob and Betty Doe have a daughter name Mary Jane Doe. I'm researching the Doe family. I have know way of knowing that she married Bob Jones and is now calling herself Mary Jane Jones. This means in order for me to research her, she must be listed under her birth (maiden) name. If she's listed under her husband's name, then the odds of my finding her have greatly decreased.
  5. I will only remove the names of yourself and your immediate family. I'm naive, but I hope that most people will realize the good that can result from this endeavor and are not scared off by the (I think remote) possiblity of something bad coming out of this. If someone else wants to be removed, e-mail me (genealogy@wallsfamily.com) and I'll respond with my postal address. Then this person can make thier request in writing.
  6. The information listed is not nearly all that I have in my database. I list enough information for other researchers to determine whether or not we have the same person in our databases. If you wish, I will provide all the information I have on you and your immediate family. I encourage you to do this. I also encourage you to expand upon it and fill in the gaps. Any information that you give me outside those listed in point 3 is confidential (and we can even talk about that).

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